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Questions Asked at a Child Custody Hearing

Posted by Allan Mendoza on
Questions Asked at a Child Custody Hearing

Each state has criteria for determining child custody, but these factors are on the basis of the child’s best interest. For instance, a judge will evaluate the parental duties each parent performs toward the child. They’ll also want to know which living arrangement would best promote continuity and stability in the child’s education and family life.

The court’s decision on these issues will vary with each case. Therefore, during child custody deliberations, a judge will ask several questions to determine which custody arrangement will work best for the child. Your answer will determine the outcome of the judge’s decision.

Therefore, it’s advisable to work closely with child custody lawyers in media PA, who can prepare you for the hearing. However, here are some questions you should expect during your child custody hearing.

Do you Have a Custody Arrangement in Place?

One of the first things a judge will want to know is if you have an existing child custody arrangement. He or she will want to know if the current structure is working and any challenges you face. The court wouldn’t want to interfere in a setup that already works for the child.

What Type of Custody Arrangement are You Seeking?

If you want to propose a new parenting plan, you’ll need to give the judge the details. Some important information includes the child’s residence each night and custody arrangements on holidays or special days. Child custody lawyers in media, PA, can explain the different child custody arrangements that are possible.

Be aware that courts are more inclined to award joint custody, as it serves the child’s best interest. However, if you want sole custody, you’ll have to prove that the other parent isn’t fit to share custody.

What are Your Child’s Needs?

Every child has physical, educational, and emotional needs. Some children also have special needs for medical and mental health needs. In awarding custody, the court will consider the impact that each potential arrangement will have on the child’s needs.

How’s Your Current Relationship With the Child?

In determining child custody arrangement, the court will want to know the existing parent-child relationship in the home. You’ll need to provide specific details such as the nature and extent of care you provide. Also, you may need to confirm your willingness to continue to provide ongoing care for the child.

How’s Your Communication With the Other Parent?

Again, judges prefer to grant joint custody as it encourages the child’s relationship with both parents. However, for joint custody to work smoothly, both parents must have an adequate communication level and be amicable. Otherwise, the court will likely favor the parent who encourages the child’s frequent contact with the other parent.

Are There any Domestic Issues?

If there’s an allegation of domestic abuse from one party, a judge will request for details. They’ll determine if such attitudes will have an impact on the child’s development and safety.


These questions are only a few of the different ones a judge can ask during a child custody hearing. Before presenting yourself in court, you should speak with expert child custody lawyers in media, PA. They’ll help you prepare ahead so that you can get the best outcome for your child.