The Usage of Mobile eyes fire inspection software

Mobile eyes fire inspection software - FireLab

Mobile Eyes is a group of mobile apps designed to help the user to strengthen fire prevention, emergency response, and structural safety. For all the fire Marshalls, safety inspectors, and system contractors, it is a very useful tool!

The mobile app plays and supports diverse roles. One has the liberty to choose the right tools to empower the right personnel. There are multiple opportunities for an inspection! is a top-rated mobile eyes website for users. It is a malware-free website without any age-wise restrictions. It is a very popular US-based website and helps one to browse it safely!

The web traffic is estimated at 5, 00,000 visits per month! The app has become a friendly tool with its various offerings to all fire safety personnel!

Totally partnering public safety

fire inspection software - FireLab

The mobile eyes app provides excellent fire safety tools and full support from the US-based website. The fire department can share information, access it safely which helps the users and responders. No need to arrange for more filing cabinets to store the data of fire inspection reports.

The operational part

The app runs on a tablet and has hand recognition facilities which make note-taking very easy! It has the capabilities to build codes through the internet and can access fire inspection reports faster and easier.

There is no requirement of calls to the Fire chief regularly, as one gets information about fire safety data instantly. The professional reports can be printed on-site or can be emailed immediately to the recipients! 

This is a very friendly tool followed by all fire safety personnel worldwide. There is no need to visit the offices, again and again, to get codes, make copies and thus save quality time for the users.

The personnel can save time more than 28% and the user-friendly nature helps one and all! With the help of the software, fires safety personnel can relax and note all contents and share them. They can get and maintain annual reviews as well!

This app has become a necessity at every house, industry, buildings, etc. for the safety of life. Fire if it catches anywhere is a dangerous element that can destroy life.

Here, the Mobile eyes fire inspection software plays a huge role in simplifying the process and one gets results instantly. The records of Industries, factories, commercial and residential buildings are recorded and shared easily! 

The app helps Fire System Inspectors

Fire System Inspectors - FireLab

The Mobile Eyes System Inspector performs fire safety system inspections. The scheduling saves sample time for them!

Power pump graphs and onboard fire safety codes are the best features that help contractors to perform regular inspections and create professional fire safety reports. It helps in speeding up customer payments and repair work requisitions! It is very fast and very useful for all the users!!